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Wii Game Review

World Championship Sports


Format: Wii
Fun4All / Activision
RRP: £19.99
5 03091064227
Age Restrictions: 12+
Available 13 February 2009

Welcome to the big leagues. Take to the field, court and rink and compete in different activities spread out over six sports: basketball, American football, hockey, lacrosse, football and tennis...

World Championship Sports could have been a much better game than it actually is. It never quite makes up its mind whether it's supposed to be a serious sports game or a fun party game. There's also an odd mixture of sports here: lacrosse, basketball, American football, hockey, football and tennis.

The tennis sections are all fun and frantic party games (knock down milk bottles, cards (Aces - geddit?) or play pinball tennis) while levels like basketball are more skill based meaning you have to perform a number of onscreen directions to run up to the hoop, shoot and score.

Some games require the use of the nunchuk, others don't. Some are easy to pick up and are fun and addictive, others take ages to master and are frustrating even when you know what you're doing. All in all it's a bit of a mixed bag - but then there's something here that everyone will find enjoyable. For me it was the pinball tennis.

You can also make an avatar out of a very limited amount of options, but the end result is not too bad. This is best used as a party game for a group of friends than it is playing solo. But even then it'll offer no more than an afternoon's worth of game play.


Nick Smithson

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