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PS3 Game Review

Call of Duty: World at War
Map Pack 2


Format: PS3
RRP: £7.99
Age Restrictions: 15+
Available 12 June 2009

Call of Duty: World at War continues to unleash the fury, as Activision and Treyarch release the game's second map pack. Map Pack 2 is now available for download from the Playstation store.

The new map pack delivers four new gaming arenas, including a brand new Zombie map. These include:

Banzai - Deep in the jungles of Japanese controlled territory, players battle to control the tall river bridge in “Banzai,” a bright, medium-sized jungle map featuring a stunning waterfall, villages and hidden caves well suited for deadly snipers, surprise attacks and all out gun battles.

Banzai was my favourite map out of all those included here. There are so many places to hide and so many excellent sniping spots that you'll spend hours finding new positions from which to ambush your enemy. In the team games both teams spawn at opposite sides of the large bridge. If you're lucky you can get numerous kills by shooting as your enemy come charging across the bridge, or once the game gets going you can hide on the bridge and pick them off as they exit the cave entrance.

Corrosion - In “Corrosion,” players will face down the enemy in a deteriorated Russian train yard. Shattered pipelines and war torn train cars decorate this mid-sized map and are great for full-out team combat. Beware, because the enemy could be anywhere.

Another interesting map which will take quite some time to get used to - as there are just so many hidden areas.

Sub Pens - “Sub Pens” drops players into a close-quarter abandoned Japanese submarine base that’s littered with live ammunition, breached subs and idle fighter planes. Monsoon rains will be a factor as teams struggle to control key choke points in this tight map designed for exciting and deadly battles.

I'm not a big fan of the smaller maps, so didn't enjoy this quite so much. It's also not quite as easy to find camping spots if you're a dirty camper.

Shi No Numa (Zombie Swamp) - In this addition to the four-player co-op favourite, the un-ending Zombie horde requires players to keep moving, moving, moving! Imperial Zombies rise from the misty swamps and flaming Hell Hounds blaze through the jungle as players struggle to stick together. The situation is bleak, but there is help on the way: new traps to keep the undead out (the deadly Flogger), a zip line for quick escapes, and best of all, a new weapon: The Wunderwaffe DG-2.

The Wunderwaffe DG-2 should help even the score and enable players to capture the 10 new Xbox 360 Achievements/PS3 Trophies waiting for them inside the deadly swamp.

It's the new Nazi Zombies map that offers real value for money. Here you can play as one of four characters - each from a different nation and each with their own distinct personality. While as hard as ever, I did find some aspects of this game easier than previous maps (and it's certainly more fun). There are quite a few very obvious camping spots where you can see your enemy coming from miles away and, if you have the right weapons, you should be able to survive for quite some time before moving off and opening the traps. The new flogger is well worth starting up... although be warned you may laugh so hard that you don't spot that zombie creeping up behind you.

Another impressive map pack that all World at War fans should invest in.


Nick Smithson