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Xbox 360 Game Review

Rygar: The Battle of Argus


Format: Wii
Rising Star Games
RRP: £34.99
5 060102 951490
Age Restrictions: 12+
Available 03 July 2009

Grab your "Diskarmor" and swing into action on the Wii as the legendary warrior, Rygar. Immerse yourself in Greco-Roman mythology as you journey through the sundered Island of Argus. Intuitive use of the Wii Remote allows you to deftly and effectively control the use of the powerful Diskarmor to destroy enemies and manoeuvre on, around, over, and under obstacles to save Princess Harmonia...

Rygar: The Battle of Argus is a port of the PS2 game Rygar: The Legendary Adventure. So straight off some may be a little annoyed that they're paying top price for an old generation game.

The game, unsurprisingly, does look a little dated - the graphics look particularly old fashioned when compared to more modern games. The game play is pretty simplistic - the A and B buttons being used to perform the attack moves while the C button is used to block attacks from your enemies. It's a shame that the functionality of the Wii remote was not used to allow you to swing your weapon by swinging the remote.

At its heart Rygar is a hack 'n' slash game, but one with a little more depth as you are not simply shepherded around the environment, instead you are left to wander the complex corridors of the dungeons. This has benefits and drawbacks depending on what kind of gamer you are. If you like to explore your surroundings, then you'll be in your element. However, less experienced gamers may find themselves totally lost pretty quickly.

Facing in the correct direction can also be a pain when fighting enemies. The controls are a little too cumbersome to ensure that you are facing your opponent head on. The shift in camera angle every time you go off screen to another section of the map is also a little disorienting as the camera angles are fixed and as they flip from one to the other you can find yourself facing in a totally different direction.

For Wii owners looking for an old school game in the vein of Castlevania then you could do much worse than Rygar, equally those that fondly remember playing this on the PS2 will get a buzz from revisiting this. Everyone else, however, may feel a little cheated.


Pete Boomer

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