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Soundtrack Review

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Original Motion Picture Soundtrack


Composer: Ryan Shore
Movie Score Media
RRP: £13.99
Available 03 February 2009

Shadows is a mysterious drama with thriller elements telling the story about the son of a famous physician. The orchestral score for Shadows provides a dark and restrained emotional accompaniment to the film's story, where the esoteric performances of vocal soloist Janita gives the film and score a unique sound. Composer Ryan Shore previously composed the soundtracks to Numb, Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer and The Girl Next Door...

Ryan Shore's score for Shadows represents an interesting collection of different themes and styles. The score contains 21 tracks that makes up approximately 50 minutes of music.

Highlights, for me, included 'Appearance', which is a beautifully haunting track; 'Apartment', the opening to which sounded familiar to Danny Elfman's score for Sommersby; 'Cadaver', which builds on that same theme; 'Following Menka', which revisits the same theme in 'Appearance'; 'Burial' which has a wonderful vocal track by Janita at its core; and 'Revelation', which brought to mind Nathan McCree's original music for the first and second Tomb Raider games.

So, another fantastic album of beautifully composed music from a composer who is going from strength to strength. Watch out for Shore, it's only a matter of time before he becomes a huge name in the industry.


Darren Rea