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Wonderlust Bug


Artist: Timo Garcia
Berwick Street Records
RRP: £13.99
Available 01 June 2009

Tim Belcher is Timo Garcia and is known as one of the hardest working men in British Electronica music. He is a DJ, producer, remixer and label boss. He rocks crowds across Brazil, London’s Ministry of Sound, around Russia and in all of Ibiza’s sharpest clubs.

Timo Garcia is releasing his debut album Wonderlust Bug, which is a play on wanderlust meaning to enjoy travel. He says that he added the word bug as he has it bad and changed wander to wonder, as he likes his mind to do the travelling sometimes.

This album opens with ‘Boom’, a mysterious intro that leads into a futuristic clean and crisp beat and track. It’s certainly a great tune to open with and will draw people in and leave them wanting more.

‘The Hang Drum Track’ features the unique talents of Manu Delago whose drum/bell percussion rings out throughout this track creating a feel of exoticness and a place to escape from everyday stresses, within the beat.

A lighter beat is used on ‘Lady Luck’, which allows you to take to the track and feel the vibe lightly grabbing at your toe tapping feet, whereas ‘ Magic Roundabout’ uses a simple melody put together with snatched claps and short sharp beats which in turn build up a feeling of tension and urgency to get your body moving to.

‘Wonderlust’ has lots of beats and futuristic sonic sounds going on in this track. It’s a steady and safe feeling sound which will leave clubbers in their ‘safe’ dancing zone.

Big beats are found on ‘The Bug’ track, it’s intense, lively and full of electronica. This is a track where you can truly let yourself go and let the beat take over your whole body.

‘Swing Thing’ starts with a steady and up-tempo beat which changes to take on the sound of what I can only describe to be that of a marching band which goes on to flourish into a quirky and innovative swing band sound complete with distorted trumpets and piano. This is a feel good track.

‘Deadly Grooves’ reaches a faster beat and feels just that little bit darker as too does ‘Release’. The feel of the climbing pressure of the beat will have club goers everywhere in a dance like trance.

The final track on this album, ‘The Morning After’, is chilled and relaxed. The use of the drum/bell percussion bring with it an oriental feel which as before, melts away your stresses. This is certainly true when the vocals of Amber Jolene sing out; it’s a beautiful track and brings us to the end of a long yet enjoyable journey.

Timo Garcia certainly knows his beats and how to reach the hearts of clubbers everywhere. This will certainly have people hitting the dance floors and moving to his sounds.


Helena Rea

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