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Two Dancers


Artist: Wild Beasts
Domino Records
RRP: £12.99
Available 03 August 2009

Wild Beasts are a four-piece indie rock band that originated in Kendal, England in 2002. The band's first single, 'Brave Bulging Buoyant Clairvoyants', placed 17th in a national independent record labels chart and won Steve Lamacq's Rebel Playlist on BBC 6 Music in January 2007.

Now based in Leeds the band consists of Hayden Thorpe (vocals), Ben Little (guitar), Chris Talbot, otherwise known as ‘Bert’ (drums) and Tom Fleming (bassist).

Two Dancers is Wild Beasts second album, the follow up to last year's (2008) critically acclaimed debut Limbo, Panto.

'Fun Powder Plot' opens this album on a feel good high. It has a crisp clean beat, which is divine to the ears. I particularly like the guitar riffs in this track. Thorpe’s vocals are high in pitch and powerful, as always.

Already released as a single, 'Hooting and Howling' displays itself as the peacock of this album; showing off its colours and vibrant musical layout. Fantastic.

'All The Kings Men' opens with a big drum beat and the deep ‘woah woah woah’ vocals before blasting into a high pitched ‘Watch me watch me!’ There is an almost tribal like feel to this track. The vocals are different in style and sound as if they have escaped from an 80’s pop band. This is a shame as I felt their uniqueness came partly from the high-pitched vocals.

There is a mysterious dream like sound in 'When I’m Sleepy…'. The drumbeat is deep and the guitar riff has that dangerous edgy sound to it. It’s also good to hear Thorpe’s vocals are back on form.

'We Still Got The Taste Dancin’ On Our Tongues' is more of an upbeat song; it has the feel of the sound of a galloping horse running throughout the rhythm.

'Two Dancers (i)' opens with a lonely guitar playing the melody, the beat sounds very tribal and the vocals are deep and fit with this track really well. The percussion sounds like the hitting of glass bottles and again there is a beat that sounds like a galloping horse. This feels to be more of a sophisticated tune and I love the chorus to this.

'Two Dancers (ii)' is very light and airy compared to the previous song. The vocals are soft and it’s very much an emotional song, especially the end lyrics: "Two hearts, no more."

Many of the songs that make up this album are very tribal sounding and this is true of ‘This Is Our Lot’. It’s fast paced and gives the feeling of freedom. There is a rawness about this track which is brought on by the percussion. Love it!

‘Underbelly’ opens with chanting vocals and deep chords played in fast succession. It’s very plain and simple, I especially love the plink plink melody that comes in. Unfortunately it ends after 1 min, 10secs and leaves you wanting more.

Far from ‘Underbelly’ is ‘Empty Nest’. It has a loud drumbeat, which catches your attention right from the start. I love the guitar and the sound of importance of this song.

This is a good second album from Wild Beasts. I have noticed that a lot of the tracks have a feel of freedom about them, what with the raw sounding percussion, galloping beats and powerful vocals. Maybe this is to remind us all that there is a wild beast in us all and we can be whoever we want to be and do whatever it is we want to do… within reason!


Helena Rea

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