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Dr. Who & The Daleks
Original Soundtrack


Composer: Malcolm Lockyer, Bill McGuffie and Barry Gray
Silva Screen Records
RRP: £15.99
Available 05 October 2009

This CD includes lovingly restored soundtracks to the only two big screen Doctor Who films ever made - the 1965 release Dr. Who and the Daleks and and 1966 Daleks' Invasion Earth 2150 A.D. The music was composed by Malcolm Lockyer and Bill McGuffie with sections enhanced by electronic sounds created by Barry Gray, famed for his work with Gerry Anderson. The album also includes contemporary single releases and a 20 page inlay booklet packed with memorabilia and detailed production notes...

The two '60s Dalek films are viewed with mixed feelings by Doctor Who fans - both loved for their slightly trashy feel and treated with suspicion in equal measure. However, whatever your opinions, it’s great to finally get our hands on the soundtracks to both productions.

The disc falls into four basic parts. First, there’s Malcolm Lockyer’s score to Doctor Who and the Daleks, a lush and dense work that uses repeated themes and plenty of orchestration.

Much of it works as atmospheres - tailored to specific scenes and surprisingly characterful. The main fanfare from the opening credits gets revised and integrated into many of the pieces and the overall effect creates a pleasing, if slightly dated, whole. It’s not a work of greatness but there are enough hooks to keep you listening and some passages trigger memories of moments from the film.

Bill McGuffie’s work for Daleks' Invasion Earth 2150 A.D. is a wholly different beast. Percussion and low piano chords are key to these tracks and while not as sonically dense as Lockyer’s score, they do have a vigour and energy to them, especially the Roboman theme - once heard, never forgotten.

Budgetary restrictions meant that less music was record for the sequel but what we have is strident and suffused with a '60s film score energy, which makes it both sounded dated and hip at the same time.

The third section of the disc feature tracks that were commercially released at the time and frankly they make for pretty difficult listening. The track 'Daleks and Thals' is especially trying - think 'March of the Mods' meets 'The Stripper' and you have it!

The fourth and final part - just two tracks long - is made up of electronic sound effects from the hand of the great Barry Gray. Neither is up to the standard of his work for Gerry Anderson, although the track TARDIS Effects has hints of the Mysteron City about it, especially at the start.

The CD is a mixed bag of delights, some more delightful than others, but there’s more than enough quality here to delight Doctor Who fans, especially those of a certain age.


Anthony Clark

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