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Fighting Fantasy
Book 8 - Night of the Necromancer


Author: Jonathan Green
Wizard Books
RRP: £5.99, US $9.95, Cdn $12.00
ISBN: 978 184831118 3
Available 01 April 2010

Returning to your castle home, Valsinore, after three years away crusading against the forces of darkness, it seems as though evil has been laid to rest. But then, out of nowhere, you are cut down in the final stages of your journey. Caught between the living world and the Lands of the Dead, your ghostly form must battle to uncover the most malignant evil of all that has taken root in the heart of Valsinore. Before the night is out you must have your revenge or face a fate even worse than death itself...

Night of the Necromancer is the latest Fighting Fantasy novel written by Jonathan Green. Before your adventure has even begun you are killed moments before you reach home. You've been away for the last three years fighting evil, so to die moments before you see your friends and family again is a bitter pill to swallow. You quest is to track down who killed you and why... but being a Fighting Fantasy novel, that's going to be easier said than done.

If I had one slight complaint it was that in the early stages of the adventure you are fumbling around exploring areas without really knowing who or what you are supposed to be looking for. However, as your adventure progresses you soon pick up the piece to the puzzle.

This is a lot more mature than some of the earlier releases in the collection, and it's good to see that the series hasn't dumbed down in any respect.

This is certainly one to add to your collection if you a fan of the series.


Nick Smithson

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