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Victor Pemberton's The Slide and Other Radio Dramas


Author: Victor Pemberton
Fantom Publishing
RRP: £19.99, US $29.95
ISBN: 978 1906263 46 1
Available 17 May 2010

Victor Pemberton is a well established author and playwright who over the past 45 years has contributed to iconic cult series such as Ace of Wands, Timeslip, Tightrope and of course Doctor Who. He has also written prolifically for radio, and this volume brings together five of his most celebrated radio scripts; complete with original notes, deleted scenes and alternative lines...

The Slide and Other Radio Dramas is quite an interesting collection of radio plays by Victor Pemberton, who Doctor Who fans will know from his work on the show.

Most Doctor Who fans will already know that The Slide was the original inspiration for Pemberton's script for Fury From the Deep (which was originally broadcast in 1968), but he also penned the Doctor Who and the Pescatons story which was originally released on vinyl in 1976. This, once again borrowed much from both The Slide and Fury From the Deep.

What's interesting about this collection of scripts is that they are transcribed from Pemberton's original typescripts and some contain script alteration so that the reader can get a better insight into the script writing process. And, in addition, there are newly written introductions by Victor Pemberton for each script.

This collection includes:

The Gold Watch: Victor Pemberton’s first script for radio, produced in 1961, is based on the extraordinary circumstances of his father’s retirement.

The Slide: One of Victor’s most famous radio plays is this supernatural thriller from 1966, originally featuring the vocal talents of Maurice Denham, Roger Delgado, David Spenser and Miriam Margolyes.

Kill the Pharaoh: An eight episode adventure from 1967, in which a London doctor finds herself plunged into a nightmare of international crime and intrigue on a holiday to Egypt...

The Fall of Mr Humpty: This ‘Nightmare for Radio’ from 1975 starred Timothy West as a man who has a strange meeting on the last train of the night...

Dark: A psychological supernatural thriller from 1978 which starred Honor Blackman and Nigel Anthony. Why is an American woman living in London constantly haunted by the spirit of her dead British husband?

For those wanting to learn more about Pemberton's work this is an interesting collection.


Nick Smithson

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