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The Official Companion
Season 4


Author: Nicholas Knight
Titan Books
RRP: £9.99, US $14.95, Cdn $18.95
ISBN: 978 1 84856 738 2
Available 27 August 2010

Supernatural, the hit show from The CW, continued its streak of critical praise and ratings gold as the fourth season upped the stakes for Sam and Dean Winchester and introduced another potent supernatural element into the mix - angels.

In season four of Supernatural, Dean has been resurrected for a divine purpose, but during his time in Hell, Sam has started down his own dark path. Now, while trying to negotiate uneasy alliances with both angels and demons, the Winchester brothers must race to prevent Lucifer from rising and unleashing the Apocalypse. On the journey, they confront creatures most people believe exist only in folklore and nightmares, including rougarous, sirens, ghouls, and suicidal teddy bears.

This, the official companion to season 4 of the show, is your usual companion book. Yes, it suffers from the usual problems: poor quality paper, which makes the black and white images look out of focus and/or too dark; as well as the fact that there's very little here fans won't already know, or be able to find on the Internet for free. This is the sort of book that hardly anyone buys for themselves. It's normally a last minute gift for someone who is a fan.

Obviously the majority of this book is concerned with the breakdown of the episodes, but we also get a look at the characters and a few of the crew. There's also a look at the "reality" of the supernatural as well as a brief look at overall reaction to the show. There are also 16 pages of full colour posed publicity stills printed on glossy paper.

There are no surprises here. This is your average guide book, packed full of information you can get for free on the Internet. Having said that if your a die hard fan of the show then you'll find this interesting enough.


Nick Smithson

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