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Call of Duty: Black Ops
Signature Series Guide


Authors: Thom Denick, Phillip Marcus and the Sea Snipers
Brady Games
RRP: £12.99, US $19.99, Cdn $22.99
ISBN: 978 0 74401 272 9
Available 09 November 2010

Brady Games's Call of Duty: Black Ops is the latest in its ongoing Signature series of game guide books. This release was created in conjunction with the game’s developer Treyarch...

This 352-page strategy guide focuses on the seventh instalment in the global Call of Duty series. The latest game sees you play the part of a covert operative in the midst of the Cold War. The book opens with a look at the basics - for those who are not familiar with first person shooters (FPS) it covers everything you'll need to know to get you started.

The first part of the book deals with the single player modes and we start off with the main campaign (or off-line single player story mode if you like). This gives an overview of the game including where all the enemy intels are located. Next up there's a look at the 'Zombies' game; 'Secrets'; and lastly we have 'Achievements and Trophies'.

To be fair, this first half will be a little redundant to most fans of the series. While it makes for interesting reading, it's next to impossible to not know what to do in the single player games and general tips aren't really of much use. The only think I found truly useful were the 'Secrets' and the enemy intel locations.

The second half of the book deals with the online multiplayer games and provides a wealth of useful information for everyone from the novice to the expert. There are weapon and equipment suggestions for every gaming mode, as well as tips and advice on everything from the best way to help your team win in each mode, to the best routes to take on every map and for each game mode.

It also talks you through all of the weapons, attachments, equipment and kill streaks. Then there's a look at the perks and what the unlocked pro on each perk allows you to do. This is invaluable as before you start splashing your online currency on unlocking perks and weapons it's good to get a feel beforehand whether each will suit your gaming style.

Unfortunately I started playing the game a few days before I got this book and rather stupidly started unlocking things without really thinking about what I was doing (assuming I'd rack up enough money as I went along). Sadly, and this is probably because I'm pretty awful online, that isn't the case and I ended up buying some weapons I just couldn't seem to use very well and won't be using again. If I'd had access to this book beforehand I could have spent my currency a little more wisely.

This book should give you quite an edge on other players too. There's a bit of online chat (moaning really) that some players seem to be able to lunge at you with a knife. What's all that about? Well, if you read the book it explains why some players have what appears to be an unfair advantage.

In fact the only error I found was that the book designates the China Lake launcher as classified (which means you have to unlock and buy all the other launchers before you can buy the China Lake) this is not the case as you can see it on the list from the start and it's available once you reach level 46 regardless of whether you've purchased all the other launchers or not.

If you're mad about Call of Duty: Black Ops, then this book may just help you win a few extra games - or at least give you some pointers in the right direction.


Nick Smithson

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