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PC Game Review

UK Truck Simulator


Format: PC
Excalibur Publishing
RRP: £29.99
5 060020 474095
Age Restrictions: 3+
Available 19 February 2010

Using a network of motorways and major trunk routes you will gain unbridled access to 18 of the UK's largest cities. From the granite city of Aberdeen in the north to the rolling green hills of the South Hams heading towards historic Plymouth where Sir Francis Drake played his famous game of bowls whilst awaiting the invasion of the Spanish Armada. Experiencing the life of a UK haulage contractor you will need to make sure you make your deliveries on time, keep your truck in good repair and check your fuel consumption. Build up your business and upgrade your truck to keep your business running efficiently and profitably. Watch out for traffic violations as they will be deducted from your earnings, and you know how expensive that can be...

UK Truck Simulator is pretty much the same game as was released in last year's Euro Truck Gold simulator. However, there seems to be more cities and challenges to unlock as you travel across the UK collecting and delivering your cargo.

Cities you can travel between include London, Manchester, Liverpool, Aberdeen, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Newcastle, Carlisle, Sheffield, Grimsby, Birmingham, Swansea, Cambridge, Felixstowe, Dover, Southampton, Plymouth and Cardiff.

At the start of the game you are employed be a cargo transportation company. You are assigned a lorry and given instructions as to your first job. Every time you finish your delivery your employer will automatically plan and assign a new job for you. As you progress through the game you are given the opportunity to change your employer but you will still be forced to follow orders.

This has its advantages, as the computer plans your deliveries for you as well as paying for your lorry expenses, but once you've built up some money the real game begins, because you can buy yourself a lorry and start out on your own as an independent driver. As you increase your business you can buy garages across the country and fill them with lorries and eventually start your own transportation company. It's up to you to keep a check on everything if you want to avoid bankruptcy and become a successful company.

This is a fun simulator which will keep you playing for hours.


Nick Smithson

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