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PS3 Game Review

Bioshock 2
Sinclair Solutions Tester Pack


Format: PS3
2K Games
RRP: £3.99
Age Restrictions: 18+
Available 11 March 2010

Even a great game like Bioshock 2 can do with some extra content, so along comes Sinclair Solutions Test Pack with the first of what I’m sure will be many DLC’s (downloadable content).

The new content covers both the aesthetic and the practical. So starting with the more look and feel content they have added a couple of new characters for you to try out on multiplayer mode, Oscar Calraca and Louise McGraff and these come with five more masks for you to try on, my favourite has to be the Donnie Darko bunny mask, shame we couldn’t get the whole costume.

Away from the purely visual Sinclair have added a rank increase up to 50 and twenty new trials for gamers to complete, which should be a little easier with the third weapons upgrade also thrown into the mix. This allows online players to make their character even more powerful and their weaponry a bit more efficient.

Getting the content is really easy you just have to hand over your cash. If your surprised at the speed at which it downloads and the small size of the file, don’t be, as the content is already on your gaming disc, your just paying to have it unlocked, which does beg the question, how much more will I have to pay for?

So the DLC is really a bit of an added incentive for players to continue after the single player game has finished, but what you don’t get in this new material is any new maps to play through, although there are a number of new trials to take for a spin. Hopefully any more updates will add additional plasmids and weapons to try out.

Given its price hardened players, who have already invested many hours in the on line game, may well look on this as an essential purchase, however there is less here for the casual player.


Charles Packer