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Nintendo DS Game Review

Dora the Explorer
Dora Puppy


Format: Nintendo DS
2K Play
RRP: £19.99
5 026555 044400
Age Restrictions: 3+
Available 19 March 2010

Dora loves her puppy, Perrito. She needs your help to feed him when he’s hungry, bathe him when he gets messy and dress him up with colourful hats and shirts. Teach Perrito to sit, jump, speak and fetch and try to win a trophy in the Big Puppy Competition...

Virtual pet games are as old as the hills. Dora the Explorer: Dora Puppy tries to squeeze into an already crowded marketplace with nothing new to offer.

Even the youngest of Dora fans will soon get bored of the limited amount of options available. While it sounds like there's a lot to do (teach your dog tricks; buy and dress him in doggie accessories; feed and water him; give him a bath; and play games with him) in reality there are too few varieties to keep this fresh for very long.

Also this will become annoying for any adult in the vicinity. Dora constantly asks the gamer to shout praise or commands at the dog in order to progress to the next part of the game.

Ultimately, while the game is cute and uses sound bytes so that Dora talks to the gamer, this offering is not half as good as it could have been.


Darren Rea

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