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Xbox 360 Game Review

Prison Break: The Conspiracy


Format: Xbox 360
Deep Silver
RRP: £39.99
4 020628 506285
Age Restrictions: 16+
Available 26 March 2010

Take on the undercover role of Tom Paxton as "The Company" sends you behind bars to infiltrate Fox River Penitentiary. Unravel the mystery and discover how it was that Michael Scofield was sent to the same prison as his brother, Lincoln Burrows. Watch and interact as your mission unfolds along side the Prison Break storyline...

Prison Break: Conspiracy is a single player stealth/action adventure game based around the events of the first season of the TV series. You play the part of undercover officer Tom Paxton who is in jail in order to find out what Michael and his brother Lincoln are up to. While in jail you must get in with the right criminals in order to get closer to Scofield.

The game is split into various segments in which you have to run errands by sneaking around the prison undetected by guards, maintenance crews or security cameras. If you get spotted you'll be sent back to the last save point to try again. Creeping around, trying to stay undetected can be both fun and frustrating. More often than not it's a case of trial and error and if one route doesn't work you can try another.

While this, on the whole, is a lot of fun it soon starts to become a little repetitive. So thankfully the developers keep adding new elements to try and keep the game fresh.

I was a little disappointed with a few aspects of the game which seemed a little under developed. Near the start of the game you game roam freely around the prison grounds. Here there are a number of things you can do in order to build your muscles up. For example you can practice punching and dodging a punch bag and trainer or lifting weights. This builds you up so that you can defeat your enemies in the fight segments of the game. However you only get one shot at this - if you decide to ignore this section thinking you can come back to it later (as I nearly did) then you will go through the rest of the game as the weakest your character can be.

Also there are cut sequences where you must tap the button which flashes up on screen. This is a little difficult, as you don't get much time to press the buttons, but if you fail you can try again and the buttons are in the same sequence. It would have been a little more challenging to have had different button configurations each time.

On balance this is an enjoyable offering and will certainly appeal to fans of the TV series.


Darren Rea

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