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PC Game Review

Tow Truck Simulator


Format: PC
Excalibur Publishing
RRP: £19.99
5 060020 474163
Age Restrictions: 3+
Available 30 April 2010

No more waiting on the hard shoulder to be rescued Tow Truck Simulator places you in the role of the driver and operator of a rescue truck as you become the hero of the hour and rescue broken down vehicles and attend accidents. Or perhaps you will prefer to take the role of the driver of a dreaded towing truck and tow away illegally parked cars...

Tow Truck Simulator is the latest offering from Excalibur Publishing. There are four models of tow trucks for you to choose from each with a crane and winch to remove every kind of vehicle. You will learn how to handle different cars to get them loaded as quickly as possible! The large detailed 3D environment allows you to freely explore the roads around you whilst searching for drivers in distress.

The graphics are a little old school, but that's not really a huge problem here as it's the skill of getting the cars onto the truck that's the important element.

To be fair this is a simulator that will only appeal to a certain demographic, but if you think that driving around picking up cars and towing them away is an interesting concept then you can bet you'll enjoy this.


Nick Smithson

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