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Xbox Game Review

Call of Duty
Modern Warfare 2
Resurgence Pack


Format: Xbox 360
RRP: 1200 Microsoft Points (£9.99)
Age Restrictions: 18+
Available 03 June 2010

The second map pack for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, known as the ‘Resurgence Pack’ includes three new maps as well as two old favourites from Modern Warfare I ('Strike' and 'Vacant'). The three new maps are: 'Carnival' - a derelict theme park; 'Fuel' - a huge map set in an oil refinery; and 'Trailer Park' - a medium-sized but very claustrophobic map...

There's been a lot of online chat in forums about the expensive price of these maps. Quite a lot of people seem to have felt cheated by the price and content of the first map pack (The Stimulus Package) - I hasten to add I'm not one of those. Oh, and before you start thinking: "You get the maps free anyway" That's technically true, I did receive a free map pack to review for the Xbox 360, but I enjoyed them so much that I bought them for the PS3 too - something I'll also be doing for this new map pack.

So, like the previous map pack, you're getting three new maps and two spruced up maps from Call of Duty IV (or Modern Warfare I, if you like).

'Carnival' is a large abandoned theme park that offers lots of vantage points that work well for all game modes. The once vibrant rides now sit idle and neglected as perfect cover points in one of the most original multiplayer locations for Modern Warfare 2. I have to admit that this was by far my favourite map in this collection - mainly because it's just so fascinating to wander around examining the various rides. There's an impressive attention to detail... but be warned, if you have a clown phobia you might not enjoy this map so much. There are clowns everywhere - including a huge head which you can enter that leads to a funhouse complete with blood splattered slide. If I had one serious issue with this map, it's that the colours used make it hard to see the enemy. But then as this is going to be a problem for both teams I suppose it all balances out in the end.

'Fuel' is a massive oil refinery with extremely long sightlines great for medium to long range firefights. The spacious surroundings offer a great sniper advantage; offices, warehouses, and buildings house objectives and provide opportunity for close-range firefights. This could be one of the biggest maps Modern Warfare I or 2 has offered so far - although Overgrown probably gives this a run for its money. This is going to take some serious time to get used to. There are plenty of sniping spots to find, and I loved the detail of the main three-storey building.

'Trailer Park' is a medium-sized mobile estate with a maze of tight flank routes and lots of cover. Junk covered yards, deserted trailers, and debris-riddled surroundings offer intense firefights with a wide variety of vantage points and routes available. While I'm sure this will grow on me (in much the same way as the Stimulus Package's 'Salvage' has) first impressions weren't promising. It's not that the map is badly designed or anything. No, my biggest problem is that this is a camper's paradise. There are so many narrow and twisting areas that all you really need to do is claymore almost anywhere and you're pretty much guaranteed a kill. Use a heartbeat sensored main weapon and a shotgun as your secondary weapon, then add Commando as one of your perks and you'll be pretty much unstoppable if you sit in one of the many camping spots.

The two revamped maps that are included also look a lot more atmospheric. The lighting has been changed, but so has some of the finer details. In addition, some walls and areas that were blocked have been tweaked to open the maps up a little - which helps greatly. If you know and love these maps then you'll appreciate their inclusion here.

'Strike' is a large urban desert town, excellent for medium-to-large team games. The large monument, connecting streets, and surrounding buildings offer great firefights in Team Deathmatch, and great vantage points for objective team games.

'Vacant' is a deserted Russian office complex offering a great mixture of interior and exterior combat. Long hallways with minimal cover points offer a fast escape route for potential runners, but high accuracy and fast aiming is required when advancing through this large complex.

On balance I much preferred this map pack to the previous one (which was still excellent). There's something here to keep everyone happy.


Nick Smithson

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