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PC Game Review

Space Shuttle Simulator & Apollo Simulator


Format: PC
Excalibur Publishing
RRP: £24.99
5 060020 474170
Age Restrictions: 3+
Available 13 August 2010

Break the bonds of Earth and head out amongst the stars for an adventure of a lifetime with this unique double pack.

Space Shuttle Simulator puts you in command of the iconic Space Shuttle for a mission to the International Space Station. From the lift-off at Cape Kennedy, to docking with the station to re-entering the Earth's atmosphere and landing, you are the Mission Commander at the controls. Recreating mission STS-122 your task is to deliver the Columbus laboratory module to the International Space Station and successfully attach it to the infrastructure using the robot arm of the Atlantis shuttle. The challenge continues with a second mission requiring you to pilot the Shuttle to the Hubble telescope. With realistic instruments, blast-off with your career as a virtual NASA astronaut.

Apollo Simulator allows you to retread the most famous footsteps in the history of mankind, recreating Neil Armstrong' s Apollo 11 moon landing. Fly the complete Apollo 11 mission from lift-off to splash-down in a painstakingly recreated 3D replica of the Apollo spacecraft complete with fully functional 3D switches and controls. Pilot the Lunar Module and touchdown on the moon. Historically accurate in every detail, this is your chance to walk across the surface of the moon.

For simulation fans then this will make an interesting addition to your library. Everyone else might find it a little too slow.


Nick Smithson

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