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Wii Game Review

Hot Wheels Track Attack


Format: Wii
RRP: £19.99
4 005209 139397
Age Restrictions: 3+
Available 26 November 2010

Hot Wheels: Track Attack takes some of the most beloved Hot Wheels cars and lets you race them in a number of themed circuits. Play against the computer or friends and you can even create your own tracks.

This game, while far from being a classic, isn't half bad. If you've got a Wii steering wheel (a wheel shaped piece of plastic that you insert the Wii controller into) then it's easier to play than playing with the controller on its own. Yes, it's budget title that offers very little in the way of originality, but it's still pretty good fun.

The game is simple enough, you chose your car and race around one of the circuits. As you progress you can unlock other circuits as well as additional cars and equipment. And once you unlock all the maps you can create your own. This takes a little practice (and you'll need to read the instructions as the in game help is next to useless) but you can create some fairly impressive tracks.

I had to do a double take when I heard "Shift Kicker" screaming out of my TV screen. Unintentionally hilarious, but you'd have thought someone at either Mattel or THQ would have pointed out how dodgy it sounds.

For a low budget offering, this isn't half bad and will certainly keep young gamers entertained. It's certainly better than some of the more expensive Wii racing games on the market.


Nick Smithson

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