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Daybreakers (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)


Composer: Christopher Gordon
Silva Screen Records
RRP: £13.99
Available 18 January 2010

In 2019 vampires rule and humans fight for survival in a World full of contrast, of hope and despair, light and darkness. This vivid world is brought to life by Christopher Gordon’s mnemonic score. Gordon’s dark soundtrack features a full symphonic orchestra with horn section, strings, woodwinds, percussion and choir...

Christopher Gordon's soundtrack for Daybreakers represents an interesting collection of themes and styles.

Amongst the highlights are 'Immolation' (a track which slowly builds into a beautiful theme); 'The Winery and the Cafe' (which has hints of John Williams's score for Always); 'Fermentation Tanks' (another slow builder that's worth the wait); and 'In the Sun' (which again builds towards the tracks beautiful last minute).

While there are a fair few emotionally charged tracks with beautiful themes at their core, there are a handful of tracks that are haunting and may not appeal to all listeners. These include the wailing mail voices that are central to 'Subsider' and the clashing of disharmonious choral vocals in 'Drought'.

'On the Run' is particularly noteworthy as it starts as a bland chase track and then at 1 min, 50 sec the music transforms into a beautiful orchestral theme.

Also worthy of note is Placebo's interesting rendition of Kate Bush's 'Running up That Hill' which is included at the end of this soundtrack.

On balance, this is a great soundtrack that doesn't rely on the usual musical crutches that most other genre movies do.


Darren Rea

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