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Lo (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)


Composer: Scott Glasgow
Movie Score Media
RRP: £13.99
Available 23 February 2010

Love is a tricky little devil. In Travis Betz’s unusual movie Lo, the main character travels to Hell to search for love and passion. Composer Scott Glasgow emphasizes both the dark and comic elements of the film in his music, which incorporates portions of Saint-Saëns’ ‘Dance Macabre’ as well as influences by Paganini’s “devilish” violin music...

Scott Glasgow's score for Lo represents an interesting and diverse range of styles.

Highlights for me include:

'Face to Face' reminded me very much of the score to the first Bioshock console and PC game. It's eerie and hauntingly beautiful.

'Dance Macabre (avec des interruptions)' incorporates sections of Danse Macabre, Op. 40 (better know to most now as the theme to the Jonathan Creek TV show) by French composer Camille Saint-Saëns. Glasgow does a grand job of intertwining this with his own score - the end result is quite impressive. 'Camille Dances with Jerry' also briefly revisits Danse Macabre.

'Gift of the Magi(c) Book' has a section of music which pays homage to Danny Elfman's score for Edward Scissorhands.

'Love Theme From 'Lo'" holds arguably one of the album's most beautiful theme, a theme which is also referenced in 'Love, Misunderstood'. While short, the love theme is an impressive section of music.

'Duality' is another track that will stir something inside most lovers of classically composed soundtracks, and I would argue that this is the album's most powerful piece.

This soundtrack provides just under an hour's worth of breathtaking music. Keep a close eye on Glasgow, he's an incredibly talented composer.


Darren Rea

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Scott Glasgow - Lo (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
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