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We Ar Lyve


Artist: Moguai
RRP: £13.99
Available 26 April 2010

Moguai, a German producer, is the first artist to release his new album, apart from Deadmau5, on the deceased rodent's own record label, Mau5trap. He certainly has to live up to the hype on his debut album, We Ar Lyve, as he has big boots to fill.

Mau5 HQ first saw Moguai's potential in 2009 when 'Zyvox' and 'Lyve/Impereal' took off from a great height. There is no doubt that this music will fit in with ease to the electronic music genre and with this particular sound it should become top notch music to play out in the clubs.

The album opens with a euphoric mix in 'LSD' with a calm intro which carries on pretty much the same throughout the track. It almost feels like a warmer for the entire album.

'Impereal' plays out some good melody as well as keeping in with the electronic genre in an outer space stylee.

Toward the latter part of this album the beats, techno, synths and energy levels seem to pick up. 'Oyster' kicks this off with some simple kicks mixed in with high pitched synths to lose yourself in.

Carrying on this style are 'Blau' and 'Nyce'. Both lead with a laid back sound but quickly turn up the heat to crescendos after the initial 'warm up' intro. They are both definitely tunes to get you in the mood for that all important party.

Just under 9 minutes long is the finale to the album 'Lyve'. This gets off to a very slow very repetitive start which is a shame as it leaves me on a disappointing low. It isn't until 3 minutes in that it begins to sound interesting and even then it carries on the repetitiveness.

All in all it's not a bad album and any electro joint would welcome these tracks with open arms. As for listening at home? Well I think it needs to be played somewhere with a good atmosphere to truly get the euphoric experience.


Helena Rea

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