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Time is Not Much


Artist: Ladi 6
BBE Music
RRP: £12.99
Available 19 July 2010

Karoline Tamati is Ladi 6 and New Zealand's premier female vocalist MC. Renowned for her energetic live performances, sublime soulful vocals and conscious lyrics Ladi 6 is about to release her debut solo album entitled Time Is Not Much.

Blending jazz, reggae and soul with her sublime and distinctive vocals, Ladi 6 has graced some of New Zealand's finest albums by artists such as Fat Freddy's Drop, Shapeshifter and Scribe and has also been heralded as New Zealand's answer to Amy Winehouse and Lauren Hill.

The first two tracks on this album, 'Give Me The Light' and 'Call You Out' feat. Scribe, are bright, uplifting and really get this album off to a jumping start. The latter is heavily laden with catchy brass, whilst the opening track is fused with electro and some jazzy tones.

I love the sexy sultry tones to 'So Far', it's a slow jazzy tune with soul running throughout whilst 'Jacknife' has more of a futuristic sound to jazz mixed with heavy electro. Both are great songs in their own right and style.

'Walk Right Up' has that comfortable, loveable reggae sound, a bit like an old pair of slippers that you just can't bear to part with. I love this tune, it gives you a warm feeling and puts a grin on your face which passers by envy as they walk on.

The beat box opening of 'Dark Brown' is strong and alive, it opens up to a soulful, loving track with some real bass making for a summer evening track.

Ladi 6 has such a diverse sound that all of her songs are different, the thing that brings them together is her soulful outstanding vocals. This is a deep and mesmerizing album not to be missed.


Helena Rea

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