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The Legend of Silkboy (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)


Composer: Alain Mayrand
MovieScore Media
RRP: £13.99
Available 03 August 2010

Continuing to nurture the growth of a new generation of highly talented film composers MovieScore Media introduces fans and aficionados to the musical world of Alain Mayrand. His large orchestral score for the animated Jackie Chan movie The Legend of Silkboy is an exercise in delightful symphonic wall-to-wall scoring taking us into a magical world of adventure, fantasy and excitement. A plethora of themes is used throughout the score, which will remind listeners of such film music heroes as John Williams, Jerry Goldsmith and Patrick Doyle...

Alain Mayrand's score for The Legend of Silkboy represents an interesting collection of themes and musical styles.

The album is approximately an hour long and is spread over 33 tracks. There's something here to appeal to just about every lover of conventional soundtracks. There are a number of influence from other sources too. While there are very obvious nods to the likes of Jerry Goldsmith and John Williams (most notably on 'Spores on the Wind!') there are quite a few tracks that reference well known classical compositions. However, that's not to detract from the majority of the music - which is original and stands on its own two feet.

On a technical point, I had a nightmare downloading this album for review. After seven attempts, on three different computers, I managed to download all but track 23.

You get a lot of music for your money - and none of it feels like filler material or dull atmospheric puff. Mayrand's music is exhilarating, full of energy and just... well, bloody fantastic to be honest.


Darren Rea

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