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Star Wars
Choices of One (Hardback)


Author: Timothy Zahn
Century / Lucas Books
RRP: £18.99, US $27.00
ISBN: 978 1 846 05677 2
Available 21 July 2011

It would be fair to say that Timothy Zahn’s Thrawn trilogy of books did much to extend and revitalise the Star Wars franchise, so any new novel from him is an object of interest.

Depending on what your expectations are, Zahn’s new book, Star Wars: Choices of One might be a little disappointing, it’s always difficult to live up to others expectations.

The story takes place between A New Hope and The Empire Strike Back. With the Death Star destroyed the rebel alliance is in need of a new base, so an invitation from a governor, of one of the fringe worlds, to provide both space and logistics seems too good to be true.

Governor Ferrouz of Candoras appears to be playing a dangerous game, which has attracted the attention of the Emperor, who dispatches Mara Jade to dispense imperial justice, who, in turn has employed the services of five renegade stormtroopers, The Hand of Judgement. Now add in Thrawn, Luke, Leia, Solo, Chewie and a new villain and you might be feeling that sometimes less is more. Even Vader and Palpatine get a look in, albeit a very small one.

Zahn does well to juggle such a large cast in, what is ultimately, a fairly linear adventure story. Everyone gets their little time in the spotlight. The one thing which the book does well is the characterisations. Luke is still unsure of his prowess as a Jedi; Han is confident and a little cocky. All the major character's nuances of personality have survived in the novel. The bridge which Zahn creates between the two films feels natural and not forced, with just enough set up in the novel to make it feel that it naturally dovetails into the second film.

It’s not a novel which will set the world on fire, but it will seem like spending some quality time with an old friend.


Charles Packer

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