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Darth Paper Strikes Back
An Origami Yoda Book


Author: Tom Angleberger
Amulet Books
RRP: £5.99, US $9.95
ISBN: 978 1 4197 0127 6
Available 01 September 2011

Every so often you're sent a book that has both charm and wit, such is the case with Darth Paper Strikes Back, written by Tom Angleberger, who had previously published The Strange Case of the Origami Yoda.

For the second book all the loved characters have returned, including Dwight, a rather strange boy who communicates good advice to his friends via an origami Yoda, which he wears on his finger.

Things have changed for the new school year at McQuarrie Middle School, for a start, Harvey has turned to the dark side, introducing Darth Paper, to counter Origami Yoda’s pre-eminence. Worst still is that Dwight, after a particularly enigmatic piece of advice to an aspiring cheerleader, has been banned from school and looks to be sent to a school for disruptive children.

Dwight is with the light side of the force, so his friends construct, at Origami Yoda’s advice, a new case file with testimonials from all of Dwight's friends, saying what a great guy he is, hoping that if they present this to the school board Dwight can stay.

This then is the structure of the book, following the opening preamble, which sets up the children’s relationships and Dwight’s dilemma, the bulk of the book consists of the testimonials. Shot through with Star Wars references, the lightness of writing touch tries to obscure the fact that each piece is a little morality story, putting forward a message of tolerance for difference.

Angleberger has further enhanced the book with drawings, a small selection of paper games and the plans to make your own Darth Paper and Origami Yoda.

It’s a well written, delightful little tome, which is able to put forward a message in a fun and non-preachy manner.


Charles Packer

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