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LEGO Star Wars
Character Encyclopedia (Hardback)


Edited by: Hannah Dolan, Shari Last and Victoria Taylor
DK Books
RRP: £14.99, US $18.99
ISBN: 978 1 40537 358 6
Available 03 October 2011

Do you know your X-wing pilot Luke from your Endor Luke? Meet the many minifigures of the LEGO Star Wars galaxy. From the different versions of Luke Skywalker and Han Solo to Greedo and the mouse droid, learn about each minifigure and the cool sets they star in, along with fascinating LEGO Star Wars facts...

LEGO Star Wars: Character Encyclopedia is an essential purchase for LEGO Star Wars collectors. Over the course of this book's 208 pages we are treated to more than 300 minifigures - each with a full page dedicated to them. Of course 300 into 208 pages doesn't quite add up, the reason that there are more figures than pages is because there have been variants of quite a few of the figures and so, where applicable, all of a figure's variants are included. For example, Han Solo Hoth Hero came in three variants. There was the standard figure, one designed for the 2010 AT-AT Walker set where he is dressed for slightly warmer weather; and a very rare promo yellow figure for the 2003/4 Millennium Falcon set.

The book also comes complete with a Han Solo Decorated Hero minifigure that's exclusive to this book - so if you're a serious collector there's even more of an incentive to pick this book up. The minifigure is modelled on Solo's costume from the celebration scene at the end of A New Hope,

It was also nice to see that, for the figures with detailing on the back, that there was also a smaller image included so that you could have that for your records. This is also of interest where some of the figures have two faces (which can be revolved around to the front so that the character can, for example, look happy or concerned.

Each page also comes with lighthearted background information, which is designed to give young collectors a little more knowledge on each figure.

So, a great book that LEGO Star Wars fans will cherish - especially with the inclusion of a cool new figure.


Nick Smithson

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