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PC Game Review

Zombie Driver


Format: PC
Excalibur Publishing
RRP: £24.99
5 060020 474767
Age Restrictions: 15+
Available 13 May 2011

So what the hell do you do when the world goes to pot and the majority of the population turn into zombies? That’s right, you get in your car and run the suckers over...

Zombie Driver is a game which reveals its entire plot in just the two words of the title. The game has neither depth, nor challenge, what it does have is the mindless joy of squashing an endless stream of zombies, under the thin disguise of rescuing survivors. Of course, the only reason you would want to do this is to increase both your own personal, lethal, armament and save for the day when you can upgrade your taxi to something with a little more size and weight, all the better for creating zombie road kill.

Zombie Driver isn’t a bad game, but with the advent of both powerful hand-held consoles and the next generation of phones it feels that it would be better suited to this format, rather than a PC. The game play is repetitive, though just perfect if you only want to spend twenty minutes running over a bunch of zombies.

You view the world from the top down, so you don’t even get the joy of being in the driving seat, seeing first-hand the available carnage. All your mission - well I say all, there are only seven with a couple of bonus missions - require you to drive off into the city, wreaking havoc as you go, to find a handful of others. Get these back to base and you make cash which you can invest into your car.

And that’s kind of it; like I said a game more suited to being picked up for short periods for a bit of tension relief, but a bit of overkill to use a PC to play it on.


Charles Packer

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