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Xbox 360 Game Review

UFC Personal Trainer


Format: Xbox 360 (requires Kinect)
RRP: £39.99
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Age Restrictions: 3+
Available 01 July 2011

Certified by UFC and the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), UFC Personal Trainer is designed by leading MMA training experts to deliver a challenging and motivating UFC fitness experience that includes the best and most effective exercises used by today’s renowned UFC fighters Intense Mixed Martial Arts Exercises - Learn over 70 MMA and NASM certified exercises, including moves from disciplines such as wrestling, kick boxing and Muay Thai, that are designed to improve strength, endurance and conditioning through use in a variety of routines...

First things first. If you're buying this hoping for a Wii Fit style game play then you're barking up the wrong tree. This is no light-hearted bit of throwaway fun; this is a serious workout regime for those that want to tone up and get seriously fit or lose that spare tyre. Yes, there are fun elements to it, but this is a lot more strenuous than most get fit games.

For those wanting to get into shape there is a fitness program that you can customise to suit your ability and needs. When you start you can input your weight, height and age and then run through a quick fitness test. Then you can engage in a number of light exercise and activities or you can build a serious workout program.

The exercise programs are designed to help you work on various aspects of your body and, if done correctly, should have you toning up and losing weight in no time. Along the way you're given encouragement and tips with the experts thanks to video footage.

The Kinect sensor is only really any good for doing simple tasks in games. For example it works well for party games like Kinect Sports and Kinect Adventures because it doesn't actually have to be that accurate. However with UFC Trainer not only do you have to perform actions at a certain time (like when hitting the punch bag) but it also has to register your actions so it can keep track of how many times you've performed it (like how many sit-ups you've done).

While for the most part the sensor doesn't have much problem, I did notice that it wasn't actually registering how many sit-ups I was doing very accurately. Also for some activities you need to lie on the floor and getting the sensor to "see" you can be a problem. And once you've finished the floor activity the sensor once again seems to lose you. These aren't major issues, but they are annoying.

For those who want a serious, no nonsense work out program UFC Personal Trainer is about the best fitness add-on for the Xbox 360 to date.


Nick Smithson

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