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PC Game Review

Farming Simulator 2011
Official Add-On


Format: PC
Excalibur Publishing
RRP: £14.99
5 060020 475146
Age Restrictions: 3+
Available 04 November 2011

Now here’s a thing. In a previous review we looked at Farming Simulator 2011: Platinum Edition, which, for those of you who do not already own the game contains all the latest sexy farming gear, but what if you’ve already bought the bog standard edition?

Well fear not; as you can also get hold of Farming Simulator 2011: Official Add-on pack. What you get for your hard earned money is a shed load of new vehicles, plants and buildings, although the majority of the upgrade mainly includes new vehicles.

From the five new vehicles you can add the likes of the Krone XDisc direct cutting system and the Pottinger TOP 152 four-rotor windrover. What! Not excited enough well how about we throw in a Bergman TSW 4190 S (manure spreader) or go to town with the Gilbert Helios 15 manure spreader. No! Well there just no pleasing some people.

Ok, so your farm is working great, but in this day and age a few green credentials never hurt, so the add-on add five new options including a biogas plant and free placeable solar plants and wind energy plants.

Kidding aside, I had to look up most of this stuff to discover that the additional machinery is well respected in the real world. Whatever you think of the idea of spending you time farming, there can be little doubt that the makers of the game have gone to great lengths to make the experience as near to the real world as possible, modelling some of the best machinery currently available.

If you’ve bought the standard game then this is likely to be a much sought after addition.


Charles Packer

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