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PC Game Review

Ski Region Simulator


Format: PC
Excalibur Publishing
RRP: £24.99
5 060020 475177
Age Restrictions: 3+
Available 09 December 2011

If you've have ever had the burning ambition to run your own ski resort, then your plum in luck with the release of Ski Region Simulator.

The Sim continues the basic structure and game mechanics of the previous games in the series, part economics game; you have to run the resort in order to attract tourists which, in turn, provides an income which can be reinvested in the resort, part exploration.

As such, the game does not have an actual end and with such a large area to manage, you’ll likely be playing this game for weeks. To spice things up the game contains a number of missions which you can undertake, which should break up the grind of running the place and increase the game's longevity.

The vast area under your control will need a lot of equipment, just as well that the game comes with numerous machines to move the snow and create terrain. The area which you control is presented in a reasonable 3D environment with changes in both the time, with a day and night cycle and changeable weather.

Although there is a lot to do in the single player mode, the game also provides a multiplayer experience through both a LAN and internet connection. The company have provided a good deal of support for the game, including regular updates and additional maps.

Control of the game is fairly straight forward, although using the keyboard is a bit clunky, the game also supports both Gamepad and steering wheel input.

Ski Region Simulator provides a fairly immersive experience, if owning a ski resort is you bag, you’ll likely get many weeks of enjoyment.


Charles Packer

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