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2012 Supernova
The Sci-Fi Film Music of Chris Ridenhour


Composer: Chris Ridenhour
Moviescore Media
RRP: £9.99
Available 08 February 2011

Celebrating the work of up and coming composer Chris Ridenhour - who took his first steps in the film music industry working with such esteemed colleagues as Lalo Schifrin, Mark Isham and Shirley Walker - MovieScore Media releases three CDs of his music. This album focuses on the science fiction films Ridenhour worked on: 2012 Supernova, Princess of Mars, Transmorphers: Fall of Man, Journey to the Center of the Earth and The Terminators...

2012 Supernova: The Sci-Fi Film Music of Chris Ridenhour is one of three Ridenhour albums being released by MovieScore Media. Each album has a different theme, this one being a collection of the composer's work for sci-fi related movies.

The five tracks in this collection contain 1 hr, 11 min, 42 seconds of music. The tracks include:

'Suite from 2012 Supernova' (15 min) which is eerie and beautifully realised. There are some themes in here that will send a shiver down your spine.

'Suite from Princess of Mars' (17 min, 50 sec) sounds like your classic hero's journey sci-fi crossed with a medieval fantasy adventure - nothing really groundbreaking here.

'Suite from Transmorphers: Fall of Man' (8 min, 16) has more laid back elements, as well as bursts of suspenseful music. Part atmospheric, part chase music, this hits all the right beats.

'Suite from Journey to the Center of the Earth' (12 min, 50 sec) is a little more cliched. This feels like the music to a Golden Age of Hollywood production. Cheesy and atmospheric, this sounds exactly as you'd expect when you consider the movie's subject matter.

'Suite from The Terminators' (17 min, 49 sec) was my personal favourite in this collection. It's by far the most rounded and polished track on the album. And to be honest it's the only one that really sounds like the score to a decent budget movie.

This collection is a great way to own some of Ridenhour's music which would otherwise be unavailable to you.


Darren Rea

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