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Tall Ships: The Privateer Lynx
(Original Soundtrack Recording)


Composer: David James Nielsen
Moviescore Media
RRP: £13.99
Available 05 April 2011

Moviescore Media sets sail with the soundtrack of the first episode of the TV documentary Tall Ships: The Privateer Lynx, composed by David James Nielsen. Tall Ships: The Privateer Lynx is one episode of the 13-episode series about America’s greatest sailing ships airing on The Sailing Channel. Tall Ships is an adventure/history series that takes television and video audiences into the seafaring world of days gone-by, while connecting with today’s youth and their growing consciousness about the environment and the perils facing our planet...

Tall Ships: The Privateer Lynx represents the music from just one episode of the 13-part TV series that explores the world of America's greatest sailing ships.

To say I was impressed with the variety of styles and themes included in this soundtrack is an understatement. While there's your cliched "sailing" adventure style themes, this is mainly a wonderful collection of relaxing set pieces. Anyone who has every enjoyed sailing on the water will instantly be at home listening to this music.

David James Nielsen has really pushed the boat out (oops) with what he's managed to deliver here. There are various influences throughout this album, but 'Our Precious Mother Earth' and 'The Earth Is a Ship' stood out as very similar in style to Mark Knopfler's work on Last Exit to Brooklyn, whilst 'Sailing in a New Era' has elements of John Williams's score for Jaws (obviously not the shark attack, but more the feel that Williams conveyed through his score for the tranquility of Amity Island).

This is certainly a score I'd recommend for serious soundtrack fanatics.


Darren Rea

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Tall Ships: The Privateer Lynx (Original Soundtrack Recording) - David James Nielsen
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