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Teen Wolf


Starring: Michael J. Fox, James Hampton, Susan Ursitti, Jerry Levine, Mark Arnold and Jay Tarses
Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment
RRP: £9.99
Certificate: 12
Available 06 February 2012

Scott Howard is your average teenager. His life pretty much sucks. He plays on the school's basketball team, which is one of the worst in the state, and he can't get the girl he fancies to even notice him. That all changes when he discovers, as he hits puberty, that he's also a werewolf...

Teen Wolf (1985) is a fantasy comedy film which stars Michael J. Fox as a teenager whose coming to terms with the fact he's also a werewolf. While the acting is fine, this movie is rather dated thanks to the terrible '80s soundtrack. It's not helped by the fact that this is a one gag film - the joke is that Fox is a werewolf and he doesn't know it. Once he changes fully for the first time, everything goes downhill as he's immediately elevated to being a minor celebrity at his school.

The problem with Teen Wolf is that it's just not very funny and relies on Michael J. Fox's charm to carry the entire film. He's basically playing the same sort of naive teenager that he played in Back to the Future (which was released in the same year), but it's obvious that the production has nowhere near the same budget. Sadly, while the Blu-ray picture is clearer than the DVD release, there's still the odd bit of dirt and dust on the print and the audio is a plain old mono track.

Extras are a little disappointing, with only Sneak Peak: Teen Wolf - The TV Series (2 min, 42 sec teaser for the 2011 TV series) and Theatrical Trailer (1 min, 50 sec) - which actually spoils the only truly funny moment in the movie).

If you are keen to add Teen Wolf to your film collection, then you can't really go wrong for £10, but it's not a film I'd want to rewatch anytime soon.


Darren Rea

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