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The Unofficial and Unauthorised Guide to Supernatural
Seasons 1-3


Authors: Sam Ford and Anthony Fogg
RRP: £15.99, US $34.95, Cdn $34.95
ISBN: 978 1 84583 039 7
Available 28 February 2012

Immerse yourself in the dark and dangerous world of the Winchester brothers... Descend into the delicious detail of demon hunting and deadly mysteries... Join the authors of Hunted on an in-depth voyage of discovery as they follow Sam and Dean Winchester through three seasons of hunting things and saving people; searching for their dad and dealing with their personal destinies; while never losing sight of the most important asset in their war against supernatural monsters - their own family. And, where Dean's concerned anyway, where the next hot chick carrying a cheeseburger is coming from...

Hunted is the latest in Telos's "Unofficial and Unauthorised" guide books. This one's for the first three seasons of Supernatural.

As well as the briefest of brief (thank goodness) synopsis for each episode, we also get things like: the goofs, the actors' comments and the writing decisions - good and bad - while providing a critical commentary on all aspects of the show: from the clothes and the music, to the car and the guest stars. I particularly liked the addition of the writers marking each episode out of 10, which is a neat touch and one I've not seen before.

Being an unauthorised guide means that there are no photos from the series used to break up the text - which for some will make this a very dry read. However, for serious Supernatural fans, this is an essential guide that is bound to throw up more than a few surprises.


Nick Smithson

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