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The Land that Time Forgot (1975)


Starring: Doug McClure, Keith Barron and Susan Penhaligon
RRP: £15.99
Certificate: PG
Available 30 July 2012

Sea faring was ever a perilous activity, none more so in times or war as Bowen Tyler is among a small number of survivors of a U-boat attack. Taken on board by Captain von Schoenvorts, Tyler and Lisa Clayton become unwilling passengers for the Germans. The inevitable confrontation ensues, with the radio being destroyed. Lost, running out of fuel and off course the sub discovers the lost land of Caprona, a fantastical place where Dinosaurs still roam free. The two crews try to work together to escape, but their chances of surviving are slight...

The Land That Time Forgot (1975 - 1 hr, 27 min, 01 sec) is a fantasy film directed by Kevin Connor from a book by Edgar Rice Burroughs, probably reissued on DVD to make some dosh from its author's association with John Carter (2012).

The film opens with Tyer’s message in a bottle being found, which recounts his strange tale. Tyler is played by Doug McClure, who was originally famous for playing Trampas in The Virginian (1962-1971), as well as appearing in a string of genre films and television, unfortunately for the actor he is best known to younger audiences from The Simpsons pastiche.

Poor Susan Penhaligon (Lisa Clayton) takes on the role of a sort of Doctor's assistant when dealing with the Neanderthal population. “Buloo, Buloo” explains the Neanderthal; “he thinks he’s a Buloo” explains Clayton. Well I’m certainly glad that point has been cleared up.

If the film has any charm, it’s one which relies on you finding rubber dinosaurs and machismo acting retro chic. That is not to say that the simplistic plot and characterisations would not still appeal to the internal child, or actual children.

The print has not been restored and is both dark and soft, at times; there is also rare evidence of judder. Audio is DD 2.0 only. There are a couple of small extras including an Interview with Susan Penhaligon (6 min, 50 sec) talking about her involvement in the film, including some behind the scenes gossip about her fellow actors. The Interview with Kevin Connor (6 min, 11 sec) also discussing how he got the directing job, his experience of working with American actors and his actual work on the film. The last extra is the Amicus Studios 50th Anniversary Stills and Poster Gallery, which does exactly what it says on the tin.


Charles Packer

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