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Xbox 360 Game Review

Final Fantasy XIII-2


Format: Xbox 360
Square Enix
RRP: £49.99
5 021290 047426
Age Restrictions: 16+
Available 03 February 2012

With her friends beside her, Lightning defeated the false gods who had ruled for centuries. Now she cannot be found. When a meteorite strikes, bloodthirsty monsters appear from strange distortions and threaten to destroy a short-lived peace. Amidst the chaos, a stranger from the future appears, bearing the knowledge that Lightening is waiting... Embark on a new epic to find Lightning and reshape fate. Featuring new game play systems and cutting-edge visuals and audio, explore a range of possibilities where your choices affect not only your environment, but even shape time and space. It's no longer about facing your destiny. Create your future and change the world...

Final Fantasy XIII divided the gaming community, with a lot of gamers bemoaning the fact that it lacked any of the charm that was at the heart of the previous Final Fantasy games. Final Fantasy XIII-2 goes some way to addressing fans complaints and throws out most of the negative aspects of the previous game and tries to improve on others. For example the treasure hunting aspect of the game is a little more challenging and the combat system allows you to control more than one character during the fights. Then there's the rather daunting introduction of time travel...

The truth is though this game, as with all Final Fantasy releases, is going to be one you either really enjoy or really don't get. So if you find endless fighting and running around talking to people a little tiresome then you'll probably not warm to this. But most Final Fantasy fans should have a blast.

Hardcore fans may feel that this is pure eye candy which delivers a watered down Final Fantasy gaming experience, but stick with it and the story delivers the goods. Equally, those unfamiliar with the franchise may at first think that the game is full of endless cut scenes and long, boring conversations that stretch on for a little too long and then don't offer any real reward. However, those that go with the flow and allow themselves to be enveloped by the story will find their time well rewarded.

This is a fine game that plays well and looks amazing.


Darren Rea

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