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PS3 Game Review

Smash ‘N’ Survive


Format: PS3
Version 2 Games
RRP: £9.99
Age Restrictions: 7+
Available 22 February 2012

Smash ‘N’ Survive is a unique destructive vehicle combat game, featuring over 30 unique concept customisable cars, 10 massive destructible circuits, an innovative single player campaign, split screen and multiplayer mayhem as players battle it out with up to five others via Sony Entertainment Network...

The release of Smash ‘N’ Survive marks the first PlayStation 3 Network release from Indian development studio and publisher Version 2 Games and to be fair, for £10, it's not a bad little game at all, but then it's not that great either.

I remember way back in 1995 Psygnosis released Destruction Derby for the Playstation. It was frantic and fun and for once the aim of the game was not just to win a race, but to intentionally destroy as many of your opponents as possible. Sadly, while full of promise, Smash ‘N’ Survive never really lives up to the thrill and excitement that was Destruction Derby.

You can play through the offline campaign mode, or online against other people.

Offline you start of with the campaign mode (the individual game modes are unlocked as you progress through the campaign). Here you progress through a number of different game modes... and it was here that we hit our first snag. There's not really much skill involved with the actual game play, it's more down to knowing what game mode you're playing and then choosing a vehicle that's best equipped to help you win. So for the straight up racing it makes sense to chose a light armoured vehicle that can move fast. While for the games where you have to be the last vehicle standing and speed isn't a problem (which represents about 95% of the games) a slow, heavy armoured vehicle is the best choice. As you progress through the levels, you unlock new cars which you can customise and enter into future races.

There are a number of different game modes that see you straight-up racing, last man standing (where you have to destroy the other cars) and plant the bomb (where you have to take the bomb to a designated area and stay in it for a set amount of time while your opponents try to ram you out of the area. To defuse the opponents bomb you have to stay in the area for a set time without being shoved out).

There were a few issues I had with the game. Firstly at the end of every race you are asked whether you want to return to the main menu or race again. Unfortunately it's not easy to tell which of the options you are highlighting and the default choice takes you back to the main menu. This I found a little odd - surely the default option would be to allow you to race again. Then there's the slow motion action shots. These are played when you use your flipper or other destructive weapon, but even if you just miss contact you are still treated to a slow motion cut. While this is interesting to start with, it soon gets a little dull.

While this game shows great promise, there were a few too many issues that stop this being an essential purchase. It'll while away a few hours, but it's unlikely that you'll keep coming back to it.


Nick Smithson

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