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PC Game Review

Utility Vehicle Simulator


Format: PC
Excalibur Publishing
RRP: £9.99
5 060020 475498
Age Restrictions: 3+
Available 16 March 2012

In America deer games are very popular, each country seems to have its own particular obsessions, so it is with little wonder that there is a group of people obsessed with social order and utility vehicles.

Utility Vehicle Simulator is another in a long line of games which deal with the ordered business of delivering packages, trimming trees and placing traffic cones, a delight for anyone who requires that the world be an ordered place.

If you have ever bought one of the other numerous games in the series, you will know what you are getting, it’s basically the same game with different vehicles. If civic pride is something that you aspire to then here is your doorway to paradise.

The game places you in the role of a business manager taking on jobs, small to begin with, growing larger as you progress through the career mode of fifteen missions. Along the way, so long as you make money, you can buy bigger vehicles and take on more lucrative contracts.

With your office only open during the day, you must take on jobs while watching your expenditure, such as fuel. You start with a limited amount of money and a single van, so out you go into town delivering packages. The town is large enough to provide different areas to travel to, but small enough so that you aren’t spending too long journeying from place to place. With the office only open till six pm, you have to make sure that you have finished all your jobs or you will not get paid.

The controls are pretty easy to get to grips with, though if you get a little too tasty with them you’ll find yourself damaging your vehicle, or worse, running over pedestrians. The game positively encourages and rewards social conformity.

The game is, admittedly cheap, given the large prices of major releases, this could almost be considered a pocket money game and on that level it isn’t all bad.


Charles Packer

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