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Xbox 360 Game Review

The Witcher 2
Assassins of Kings


Format: Xbox 360
Bandai Namco Games
RRP: £49.99
3 391891 962711
Age Restrictions: 18+
Available 16 April 2012

Geralt of Rivia is a witcher, a professional monster slayer. Abandoned as a child, he was subjected to rigorous training and mutation. A time of untold chaos has come. Mighty forces clash behind the scenes in a struggle for power and influence. The Northern Kingdoms mobilise for war. But armies on the march are not enough to stop a bloody conspiracy. Someone is hunting crowned heads. Every assassination attempt intensifies the chaos, and might truly does make right. Cruelty and violence become the daily fare...

The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings is the second installment in the RPG saga about the Witcher, Geralt of Rivia. Even if you're not normally a fan of RPG games, The Witcher 2 is worth a look. At its heart this has an engaging storyline that you can play through in a number of ways - depending on how you decide to deal with certain aspects of the game play.

You play as Geralt, a professional monster slayer; a witcher. Entangled in the political turmoil that engulfed Temeria, you have helped quell the rebellion of the Order of the Flaming Rose. Soon after, you save King Foltest's life when the monarch is attacked by an assassin who appears to be a witcher. You continue to protect the king, serving as his bodyguard as Foltest strives to bring peace to his kingdom. The Order's last bastions have yielded to the royal army, yet one more task remains - the Baroness La Valette announced her secession from the realm, and her fortress must be taken. A month after the attempted assassination, Foltest's armies stand at the gates of La Valette Castle, preparing for a final assault. Still at Foltest's side, you are among them, unable to begin your personal quest to discover the mysterious assassin's origin and identity.

The game starts off with an in game tutorial, designed to get you used to the controls and combat mechanics and magic use. Once you've completed that you're into the game proper and are slowly introduced to the vast game world. Firstly you recount parts of your back story, in the order you feel most important, and then you have to escape from the prison you are held captive in and set off into the "real" world to continue on your quest to track down your king's assassin.

For the RPG novice, there are quite a few basics to master, which is why the in game tutorial is so valuable, without it appearing to hold your hand through the controls. In addition, it's not important that you've played the previous game, as here Geralt has lost his memory and is trying to piece together his past.

The game play is impressive, although can be frustrating on occasion. Unlike your typical RPG, The Witcher 2 includes over the top swearing, violence and nudity.

If you want a game that is immersive and entertaining, but won't be completed in a lazy weekend, then you've found what you're looking for with The Witcher 2.


Darren Rea

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