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Nintendo DS Game Review



Format: Nintendo DS
Ban Dai
RRP: £24.99
3 391891 964234
Age Restrictions: 7+
Available 02 November 2012

The animated high-action series claws its way onto the Nintendo DS. Become Lion-O and battle Mumm-Ra and his evil forces as you run, jump, and slash your way through action ripped straight from the new animated series. Wield the incredible power of the Sword of Omens in this side-scrolling adventure...

Review imageDesigned to cash in on the 2011 reboot of the Thundercats animated TV show, Thundercats the game should have been an excuse to let loose some creative juices as you can almost guarantee that the developers are of the right age to have grown up on the original show which aired in the late '80s. Sadly what we get is a rather dull hack n slash outing that becomes repetitive and dull rather a little too quickly.

The graphics are pretty poor (even by DS standards) and the controls are very limiting. The game play will soon leave all but the most novice of gamers looking for something a little more challenging.

Thundercats could have been an impressive combat game, but what we end up with is a weak and limiting offering which isn't very challenging or much fun.


Nick Smithson

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