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The Darkest Hour (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)


Composer: Tyler Bates
Lakeshore Records
RRP: £13.99
Available 17 January 2012

The Darkest Hour is the story of five young people who find themselves stranded in Moscow, fighting to survive in the wake of a devastating alien attack. The 3D thriller highlights the classic beauty of Moscow alongside mind-blowing special effects...

Technically, and stylistically, Tyler Bates's music for The Darkest Hour is flawless. It's eerie, it's shocking and it's very atmospheric. But, and this is a huge "but", it only works within the confines of the movie. This is not an album that is enjoyable listening in its own right.

This is where I'm torn because, even though I haven't seen the movie, I can feel how integral a part of the film it is. But this is not an album I'd listen to again... and that's why I have no alternative but to give this release a low mark.

As I said previous, this is a very atmospheric score - and for that Bates should get the recognition he rightly deserves - but it just doesn't work as a standalone project.

There are two vocal tracks included: 'I Like That' - Richard Vission and Static Revenger feat. Luciana; and 'Mockba (Moscow)' - Marselle.


Darren Rea

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The Darkest Hour (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) - Tyler Bates
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