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Eye of the Eagle
The Film Music of Søren Hyldgaard


Composer: Søren Hyldgaard
MovieScore Media
RRP: £13.99
Available 23 April 2012

MovieScore Media has launched its new Spotlight Series, which is designed to bring talented film composers to light and showcase their work to a wider audience. Volume One collects highlights of the work of Danish composer Søren Hyldgaard...

Eye of the Eagle: The Film Music of Søren Hyldgaard features the work of this Danish composer who emerged in the late '90s as a fresh voice in film music, writing many acclaimed orchestral scores for films such as Eye of the Eagle, Angel of the Night and Tommy and the Wildcat. This compilation features an impressive selection of suites and themes from 18 of Hyldgaard's projects. The album is virtually jam packed with thematic, exciting and beautiful orchestral music with an emphasis on the adventure genre, but also showcasing romance (The One and Only, Something in the Air), animation (Jester Till, Help I'm a Fish) and horror (Isle of Darkness, Angel of the Night).

The album also features the theme from Hyldgaard's score for the Hollywood thriller Red as well as selections from his many scores for Danish film and television. This album consists of 18 tracks, making up 1 hr, 19 min, 12 sec of incredible music.

I have to admit that I was previously unaware of Hyldgaard's work as well as the movies he's worked on. For me, this collection represents an interesting find of beautiful music that showcases Hyldgaard's talents as a versatile composer.

I've cobbled together some random thoughts on his music as presented here, but to be perfectly honest you should stop reading now and purchase this collection - you won't regret it.

'Jester Till: Suite' had elements of Gustav Holst's The Planets as well Jerry Goldsmith's score for Poltergeist.' 'Angel of the Night: Theme and Suite' reminded me, in parts, of the work of Ennio Morricone; 'Red: Main Title' brought to mind Peter Golub's score for These Amazing Shadows; 'See You: Close Again and See You' had a segment that brought to mind Howard Shore's music for Mrs. Doubtfire; 'The Fakir: Suite' was very similar to the gothic work of Danny Elfman; 'Nynne's Diary: Suite' reminded me of the main theme to The Deep (John Barry); 'Help, I'm a Fish: Suite' brought to mind Jerry Goldsmith's score for The Secret of Nimh as well as elements of Danny Elfman's work; and finally, while 'Eye of the Eagle: Suite' didn't conjure up any similar work by other composers, I thought it was a powerful way to conclude this fantastic collection.

Track listing:

01 - 'Jester Till: Suite'
02 - 'Tommy and the Wildcat: Theme'
03 - 'Angel of the Night: Theme and Suite'
04 - 'Red: Main Title'
05 - 'See You: Close Again and See You'
06 - 'The Spider: Theme'
07 - 'Little Big Girl: Theme'
08 - 'Storm: Theme'
09 - 'Midsummer: Suite'
10 - 'The Fakir: Suite'
11 - 'Nynne's Diary: Suite'
12 - 'Pyrus: Suite'
13 - 'Nuummioq: Suite'
14 - 'Isle of Darkness: Suite'
15 - 'The One and Only: Suite'
16 - 'Help, I'm a Fish: Suite'
17 - 'Something in the Air: Love Theme'
18 - 'Eye of the Eagle: Suite'


Darren Rea