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Is it Ok (single)


Artist: Pablo Nouvelle
Pablo Nouvelle
RRP: Free
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Available 21 May 2012

Swiss film maker and musician Pablo Nouvelle, self releases his new single 'Is It Okay' - a free single available from

Featuring live guitars, drum breaks, arpeggiating synths and, most importantly, the lush, soulful vocals of Fiona Daniel, this is a great track to play as the rain pours down your window and you dream that summer would hurry up and start. A mix of melancholic pop, modern soul and dance, Nouvelle has turned in a wonderful track.

The second track 'In Your Arms' is not quite as memorable, nor soulful, but is still an interesting listen. It's a laid back mellow sound that grows on you over time.

And the fact that it's free... well, you'd be a fool not to add this single to your music library.


Nick Smithson