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Hysteria (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)


Composers: Gast Waltzing and Christian Henson
Lakeshore Records
RRP: £13.99
Available 19 June 2012

Hysteria is a romantic comedy that tells an untold tale of discovery - the surprising story of the birth of the electro-mechanical vibrator at the very peak of Victorian prudishness...

Gast Waltzing and Christian Henson's original score for Hysteria is made up of several beautiful themes. The album lasts for 37 min, 10 sec and is spread over 26 tracks. It was a shame that there was no other information other than "music by Gast Waltzing with additional music by Christian Henson" on the press information, as I'd have loved to have known which tracks where composed by which composer - or if the tracks were jointly composed.

This was a score that I instantly warmed too. It's beautifully orchestrated and contains so many beautiful themes that it's hard not to love it.

'Bloosy Dinosaur' reminded me of Carter Burwell's work on Being John Malkovich, while 'Proposing to Emily' contained elements of Howard Shore's score for Big.

It would also have been a better idea to arrange these tracks in a slightly different order. Having 'Charlotte' followed by 'Granville meets Charlotte' just highlights the fact that the same theme is basically repeated quite a lot throughout the album.

On the whole, this is a beautiful score that is well worth seeking out.


Darren Rea

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