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Moon Breakers (Music from the Game) (EP)


Composer: Bear McCreary
Imba Entertainment / Uber Entertainment
RRP: £4.99
Available 26 June 2012

The score for the free multi-player space game Moon Breakers pays homage not only to the Golden Age of space combat games, but also the vintage era represented in our world. Pirate and Government themes required iconic, complex qualities to infuse them with life. This is why the developers of the game turned to Battlestar Galactica and The Walking Dead composer Bear McCreary. The results speak for themselves; Moon Breakers delivers music that takes a game experience and makes it a visceral, magical thing that is contemporary as it is wonderfully reminiscent...

The EP for Moon Breakers includes four tracks (we'll, three tracks and an extended version of one) which lasts for 18 min, 53 sec. I've listened to this EP almost non-stop now for about five days and still can't believe how damn good it is.

From the military space feeling of 'Government Armada' to the jiggy-core of 'Clans of the Space Pirates' this is an EP that has more material packed into it than most full album's can muster. When the first track 'Theme from Moon Breakers' started, I had to just double check I was listening to the right album. I was sure, for a split second, that I was listening to a new, reworking of the Doctor Who theme.

This is certainly an EP I'd highly recommend picking up. McCreary's music is powerful and wonderfully diverse here.


Darren Rea

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