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Truth or Dare (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)


Composer: Richard Pryn
Screamworks Records
RRP: £13.99
Available 09 October 2012

UK horror film Truth or Dare features a dark and mesmerizing score by newcomer Richard Pryn. Truth or Dare is his first major feature film where he showcases an intense and adrenaline-pumping style where extremely dark sonorities meet elements of orchestral avant garde, industrial distortion (Pryn achieved a distinction in electric guitar performance at the ACM in Guildford) and unsettling harmonic textures. Truth or Dare is a modern horror score with diverse elements and one that keeps its audience on the edge of its seats - just like a horror score is supposed to...

When you consider that this is Richard Pryn's first score for a feature film, the results put some seasoned composers to shame. Okay, it's a horror score and as such is mainly comprised of atmospheric tracks designed to heighten the movie images and scare the bejesus out of the audience... however, some of the tracks manage to creep you out when listened to in isolation.

'I Hope You're Satisfied' is both eerie, and beautiful - the seemingly random "noise" helps to heighten the backing instruments to give the listener a disorienting experience. There was a segment that reminded me of the sequence at the end of Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Likewise, 'I'm Not Finished Yet' will make the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end., While, 'The Deal' has a creepy build to an impressive crescendo. 'Thanks for the Party' is a great way to conclude this score - and also showcases Pryn's talent at adding more action/suspense to his music

The album has 10 tracks and lasts for 38 min, 53 sec. While this won't be to everyone's taste, I rather enjoyed this creepy, very atmospheric album.


Darren Rea

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