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11th Hour


Author: James Patterson
Arrow Books
RRP: £7.99, US $14.99
ISBN: 978 0 09 955019 8
Available 28 February 2013

The four members of the Women Murder Club have never been short of grisly deaths to investigate. The group, consisting of Lindsay Boxer, a Police Detective, Yuki, a district Attorney, the reporter, Cindy and Medical Examiner, Clair, have two cases to examine this time. Drug dealers are being gunned down and it looks like the weapon has come from the polices own stores. Across town disembodied heads are found at the residence of a millionaire, who had previously been accused of murdering his wife...

11th Hour is the next in the series of the Women Murder Club, a thriller by James Patterson and Maxine Paetro.

The book's style is probably best described as soap opera functional. There is less here about police forensic procedures and more about, the now pregnant Boxer's relationship with her partner, Joe. The two crimes are not interconnected, acting more like the plot A & B device often used in television.

The large print, short chapter - it squeezes an impressive one hundred and nineteen of them in only four hundred and seventy-seven pages - gains the book pace, but does little to rectify its lack of depth. The lack of immediate depth in the characters may be a flaw in starting the series at book eleven, I’m sure that readers who have stayed with the characters are more acquainted with them than the casual reader ever would be.

The series has remained popular and Maxine Paetro has collaborated on the series since the fourth novel. And here they have produced an entertaining if not particularly long book, despite the page count.

Overall, the series is more akin to a television show, formulaic and familiar. Anyone who has enjoyed the previous books in the series will find that reading this novel will feel like spending more time with an old friend.


Charles Packer

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