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LEGO Star Wars
Battle for the Stolen Crystals (Hardback)


Author: Elizabeth Dowsett
Publisher: DK
RRP: £19.99, US $32.99
ISBN: 978 1 840932 605 2
Publication Date: 01 September 2013

Join the battle for the stolen crystals. Help Commander Gree defeat the deadly commando droid. Build the models and play out the thrilling four-part adventure story - just take your models apart to build the next ones...

Battle for the Stolen Crystals is the latest LEGO Star Wars book which also comes complete with a bag of LEGO (a much bigger bag than I was expecting from the small window on the front of the book that lets you see the bricks inside).

The book contains 77 pages and opens with a quick explanation of The Republic (the good guys) and The Sith (the baddies). You are then introduced to the two characters in the book Clone Commander Gree and a Commando Droid. Both of these are included with the LEGO kits as two mini action figures. The opening pages also illustrate how to construct the mini figures (each of which come as four separate parts).

Then we're into the book proper which combines an ongoing story as Commander Gree and the Commando Droid play a game of cat and mouse. To aid you, as Commander Gree's helper, you get a comic book style narrative to follow (which uses a combination of photographs of the LEGO mini figures and the space craft you'll be able to build. Throughout the story you are given the instructions to build eight different LEGO Star Wars vehicles to help Commander Gree in his mission.

This is a great book, and a fantastic idea for those on a budget who have a young Star Wars fan, as you get eight models to construct (although there is only enough LEGO included to build one model at a time.) One thing which would have been helpful would have been a list of all the pieces required for each model. That way LEGO fans could go and scour their boxes of LEGO for all the right pieces, which would allow them to build more than one model at a time. That said, there is a page at the back of the book that shows you all the pieces included - so I suppose you could times all the pieces by eight (or however many models you want to build at the same time) and go hunting through your other LEGO.


Darren Rea

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