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True Blood
A Field Guide to Vampires


Authors: Gianna Sobol with Michael McMillian
Publisher: Chronicle Books
RRP: £15.99, US $24.95
ISBN: 978 1 4521 2742 2
Publication Date: 01 November 2013

The vampires, werewolves, faeries and other supernatural creatures that call Bon Temps, Louisiana, home aren't universally accepted around town. Sweet-talking, bible-thumping Steve Newlin is their self-appointed nemesis. In he demented field guide, Steve has recorded all he knows about these Creatures of Satan, and that's a lot: their strengths, their weaknesses, their bylaws and of course how to kill them. Sadly for Steve - but luckily for True Blood fans everywhere - his journal was stolen by Fangtasia vampires Pam and Eric, who have defaced it in a most disrespectful and snarky manner...

A cunningly produced facsimile and a hilarious read, The Field Guide to Vampires is packed with untold insight into your favourite TV characters, along with photos. letters, postcards, handwritten notes and Steve Newlin's own doodles in a scrapbook that perfectly captures the tongue-in-cheek camp that makes True Blood an international sensation.

The book is written by Gianna Sobol (an associate producer on True Blood) "with" Michael McMillan (who plays Steve Newlin on the show). So, right off the bat you know you're getting a book that is coming with an official stamp of approval.

The idea is simple enough. This is supposed to be Steve's field guide, packed with all the snippets of information he's collected on the various creatures of the night. However, Eric Northman has recently found the journal and added his own notes, before passing it on to Pam Swynford de Beaufort, who has also added her own thoughts. These notes are littered throughout the journal; Eric's are written in blue ink, while Pam's are in red ink.

Usually, books like this are published in the run up to Christmas and are aimed, not at fans of the show, but their friends and family. Yes, these are usually the books that desperate people turn to as Christmas presents. But in this instance, the book is so well put together that it's the sort of publication that real fans will get a blast out of dipping in and out of.

Along with the usual rundown of the main characters and other things every fan will already know are a whole heap of tongue in cheek content. Who couldn't fall in love with segments like 'The Fellowship of the Sun: How to Kill a Vampire' illustrated guide, or the 'Cakes by Vanessa' advertisement?

This is an enjoyable collection of facts and generally silliness. What's not to like?


Nick Smithson

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